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Caffe Regatta

Address: 133 Wolfs Lane
Price range: $30 and under
Phone: 9147388686
Site: www.cafferegatta.com
Cuisines: Seafood, The Americas


Address: 484 Sylvan Avenue
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 2015683535
Site: www.grissinirestaurant.com/index.html
Cuisines: Italian, Steak House


Address: 252 Schraalenbergh Rd
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 2017509966
Site: www.harvestbistro.com
Cuisines: French

Palmer's Crossing

Address: 145 Dean Drive
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 2015674800
Site: www.clinton-inn.com/palmers_crossing.shtml
Cuisines: European, The Americas

Rosie's Bistro Italiano

Address: 10 Palmer Avenue
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 9147932000
Site: rosiesbronxville.com
Cuisines: Indian, Italian

Sammy's Downtown Bistro

Address: 124 Pondfield Road
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 9143373200
Cuisines: Greek, The Americas

The Tap House

Address: 16 Depot Square
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 9143376941
Site: www.thetaphouseny.com
Cuisines: Specific Menus, Latin

Tombolino Ristorante

Address: 356 Kimball Avenue
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 9142371266
Site: www.tombolinoristorante.com
Cuisines: Indian, Italian

X2O Xaviars on the Hudson

Address: 71 Water Grant Street
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 9149651111
Site: www.xaviars.com
Cuisines: Italian, The Americas

Rose's of Englewood
Opened in January 2009, Rose's of Englewood serves Lebanese cuisine and offers such standbys as hummus, baba ghanouj and falafel, and entrees including grilled Cornish hen and whole red snapper, and kebabs that are all marinated for 24 to 48 hours and slowly grilled over charcoal.
Address: 126 Engle Street
Price range: $30 and under
Phone: 2015410020
Cuisines: Lebanese