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Besito - Roslyn

Address: 1516-18 Old Northern Boulevard
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 5164843001
Site: www.besitomex.com
Cuisines: The Americas, Mexican

Bistro M Restaurant

Address: 70 Glen Head Road
Price range: $50 and over
Phone: 5166712498
Site: www.bistromrestaurant.com
Cuisines: European, The Americas

Bob's Place

Address: 230 Jericho Turnpike
Price range: $30 and under
Phone: 5163548185
Site: www.bobsplacerestaurant.com
Cuisines: French, The Americas

Burton and Doyle

Address: 661 Northern Blvd
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 5164879200
Site: www.burtonanddoyle.com
Cuisines: Steak House

Ethos - Long Island

Address: 25 Middle Neck Road
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 5163054958
Site: www.ethosrestaurants.com
Cuisines: Greek, The Americas

Gabrielle's Brasserie & Wine Bar

Address: 22 North Park Avenue
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 5165366611
Site: www.gabriellesny.com
Cuisines: Latin, Fusion

George Martin

Address: 42-15 235th Street
Price range: $30 and under
Phone: 7182242898
Cuisines: Italian, The Americas

George Martin The Original

Address: 65 North Park Avenue
Price range: $31 to $50
Phone: 5166787272
Site: www.georgemartingroup.com/gmRVC/gmrHome.htm
Cuisines: Italian, The Americas

Il Mulino - Long Island

Address: 1042 Northern Blvd
Price range: $50 and over
Phone: 5166211870
Site: www.ilmulino.com
Cuisines: Japaneses, Italian

Legal Sea Foods - Garden City

When our founder, George Berkowitz, opened the first Legal Sea Foods, he gave his servers a simple instruction: Treat my guests as if they were dining at your own home table.That advice has worn well over the years, gracefully evolving into a sophisticated, upscale style of service. We think our guests appreciate our effort, & we're proud to say Legendary Service still lives in every Legal Sea Foods restaurant.

Quality - Freshness - Legendary Service: That's the Legal Difference.
Address: 630 Old Country Rd.
Price range: $30 and under
Phone: 5162484600
Site: www.legalseafoods.com
Cuisines: European, Seafood

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