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Georgetown - Stratford
Georgetown sounds as if it should feature a carvery and Yorkshire puds, but this terrific eatery is named for the East India Company's trading port in Malaysia, so that gives you an idea of the cuisine. Top-flight menu features Tamil Indian Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, as well as more purely Malay dishes, so you can roam amongst cuisines. Start off with a Singapore Sling and you may never look back. Move on to a course of Udang Bakar Kering, which is pan-fried spicy jumbo prawns in their shells in a red onion sauce with soft roasted parotta, main course of claypot, which is chicken, pork, Chinese spinach, prawns, tomato, dried mushrooms and beansprouts, simmered in a claypot, flavoured with chicken stock and soya, and served with rice, and a pud of fresh pineapple with dark rum, maple syrup, and creamy vanilla ice cream. The surroundings recall a colonial ballroom, with wicker and plants, a soaring staircase and classical music tinkling gently in the background.
Address: 23 Sheep Street
Price range: £25 - £34
Cuisines: Other