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TripTouch is a travel home page

Using Triptouch you get travel information such as events (music, festivals, sports) , accommodation, weather, news, rentals, flights and more.
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Once you register to TripTouch, you can:
  • sample trip Manage your Trip and share it with friends
    Save and log everything you did, places you were at, photos you took and your future plans and share them with the world and your friends.
  • Invite friends
    By inviting your friends to Triptouch they can see all your travel information and the fun you have. Show them pictures and notes and much more.
  • sample tripcard Trip card
    Become a professional traveler and have your own Trip Card. This card will show your name and your profile on tripouch and you will be able to hand it out to friends you meet on your trip in order to stay in touch with them.
    Your trip card will help you stay in touch with all the people you met on your trip.
  • Find friends
    With Triptouch you can always know where your friends are right now and meet them if they are nearby. You can also find new friends who are traveling nearby your current location.
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