Hyderabad Restaurant

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Hyderabad Restaurant

Description: Irani cafe, Hyderabad
Location: Hyderabad, India (more photos)
Credit: anonymous
Original webpage: http://rajatgupta.wordpress.com/2007/02/11/irani-cafe-hyderabad/
Uploaded by anonymous (more photos)

135 months ago anonymous wrote: how friendly

156 months ago anonymous wrote: Here is another resaurant in Mumbai with almost the same sign

156 months ago anonymous wrote: Aaah, the sweet smell of racism at breakfast... More, coffee, samatha ?

156 months ago anonymous wrote: I would not enter this place in the first place

156 months ago anonymous wrote: Sorry, no customer service in India

156 months ago anonymous wrote: I've been to such a place. It's really annoying.

156 months ago anonymous wrote: This is exactly why we shouldn't outsource our customer service to India. Just imagine how the world will look like with such a service - banks, companies, everything...

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