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City Tour and Historical Park
City Tour and Historical Park
Price: From 44.99 US$, per person
Duration: 4 - 5 hours

Explore the city of Guayaquil and the intriguing buildings and surroundings. Also visit the Historical Park, spread across 3 sections it offers an insight into the flora and fauna of Ecuador including many extinct species, the traditions and customs of the Ecuadorian people and their history!

The city tour of Guayaquil will start with a stop at the Administration Plaza, where you can observe the City Hall, the Monument Sucre and the Seminario Park. The bus will then take you to the Southern Malecon 2000 where you will appreciate the Integration Plaza with its famous Southern Marketplace or Cristal Palace. Next, visit the Olmedo Plaza and see the monument to Jose Joaquin Olmedo, recognized poet of Guayaquil and ex president of the Republic.

Your third stop will allow you to see important monuments of the history of the city from the Morisca Tower. Among them, the monument of the 4 elements of the Planet. Walk toward the Rotonda Monument with the statues of Simon Bolivar and San Martin. You then have some time to visit the garden area of the Malecon in which can be seen many tropical plants. The bus will leave for the neighborhood of the Penas, the oldest part of the city where you will have the opportunity to climb the numerous steps to the Cerro Santa Ana for an unforgettable view of Guayaquil. Following this you will visit the Flower Marketplace with many colorful flowers!

You will then enjoy a visit to the Historical Park, where you will experience the 'Old' Guayaquil with its characters, traditions and architecture. The Historical park is divided in 3 parts on 8 hectares of field:
The wild life zone: Mixed of Fauna and Flora proper to the local ecosystem and re introduced extinguished species of animals. This area of the park intends to recreate the natural environment of this species that we can hardly see in liberty these days.

The traditional zone: Sample of the rural architecture, homemade tools and others objects from the traditional rural way of life. In that zone you will also find a typical Hacienda and its mini-plantations.

The urban zone: Showing the way of life in Guayaquil during the 1900's, with all the architectural elements and constructions of the Public Plaza and

Salinas Beach Hotel to Guayaquil Hotel Transfer
Price: From 50 US$, per person
Duration: 2 hours
Book this return sector to get you back to your Guayaquil hotel after your leisure stay and relaxation time on Salinas Beach! What better way to end your relaxing time than to have someone else do the driving for you!

After you've spent enough time relaxing and unwinding at the beach, book this return service to get you from paradise, back to Guayaquil!

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