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TripTouch is a website for independent travelers who want the best from their trip. Everything at TripTouch is centered around your location and your personalized travel tastes. We'll bring you information, services and a lively community - all in one easy to use site. TripTouch is still in beta stage - so please be patient with us if you see any glitches... we're working hard to make it the best travel site for your trip

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TripTouch is free - all you need is an email address, and you're ready to go.

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TripTouch is your travel home page and gives you everything you need -
  • Travel information - attractions, events, accommodation, and more
  • Services - maps, news, weather, currency rates and more
  • Share your trip - publish your photos and blog your trip!
  • Lively travel community - keep in touch with people you meet and find new travel friends
TripTouch was founded in 2007 by Gil Ruda and Ron Mertens, and we're currently looking for a seed investment. TripTouch is based in Tel Aviv, Israel - but like our users we yearn for the skies!

If you want to learn more, you can check out our blog, and our press mentions page.

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